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The original DLC Podcast was a bi-weekly-ish podcast that ran for 10 years, from January 2011 to March 2021. It was a series devoted wholly to video games and the industry at large, discussing all sorts of issues from silly to serious, and open to anyone who called themselves a gamer: casual, hardcore, didn't matter.

Something that Brian and the DLC crew had wanted to do for years but never could really pull off was to see if they could do a DLC Podcast live. In 2022, that idea will come to fruition as DLC makes the shift from a traditional pre-recorded audio podcast to a monthly live Twitch show, where we'll once again be talking anything and everything video games, opening the show up to anyone who wants to join in, and for the first time, have our listeners directly take part in the discussion as it happens!

All episodes can be viewed live on Twitch -- be sure to follow for notifications when we go live. Afterwards, the video can be seen on DLC's YouTube channel, and audio-only versions can be found here, as well as the music & podcast hubs above.


Regular Players

Brian French, host

For over 30 years, video games have been a part of Brian's life. The blood, sweat, and tears he's spent involved in the medium have yielded some of the most engaging and enriching experiences one can have. He began Downloadable Content in 2011 as a way to share some of those experiences with as many people who also share a deep love of video games, who also want to share their thoughts as well.


When he's not busy at his day job, he can be found tackling his immense perpetual game backlog on Steam (user name ERoivas) or his various consoles, or pursuing his passion for photography. Recently, he's taken up streaming -- you can find him streaming as ERoivas on Twitch on Monday and Friday evenings. 

Ron Goldie, co-host

Some of Ron's earliest memories are playing Space Invaders on his dad's Atari 2600, and has been hooked on gaming since then. Growing up in the heyday of the early Nintendo vs. Sega console wars, witnessing the birth of the Playstation and emergence of polygons, all the way to today's greatest and newest titles, he has spent literal years of his life with a controller or Game Boy in hand. Ron cares little for allegiances to brands, only caring about the quality of games. While most of his favorite games are RPGs, Ron enjoys most of the other types of games, from your Guitar Hero rhythm games, to the rather mindless, twtich mechanics of FPS games.


His love of games crosses over to PC games as well, enjoying various ARPGs like Diablo, indie games, and MMORPGs (except for WoW, he won't touch that for all the money in the world). He has even figured out how to extract some level of enjoyment in playing various MOBAs like Dota 2 or League of Legends. When his hands are not busy saving the galaxy or thrashing a monster, he spends his time creating various things of his own. Whether it's drawing things for himself or people that commission him for stuff, crafting stories, rules, and settings for various tabletop games. He's even dabbled a bit in writing stories from time to time. It's not a bit of an exagguration to say that if he isn't playing a game or making something, he's either asleep, eating, or working. His passion for gaming shouldn't change at all, and his love of them helps cement his role as the co-host of DLC.

Shanna Wynn-Shirreffs, panelist, Sprites and Dice nerd

Once upon a time, an 8-year-old Shanna received a life-changing gift from her parents - a Sega Genesis. Little did her mother and father know the monster they would unleash (or the inevitable amount of quarters that they would lose to arcades). Fast forward to her college years: Shanna put her passion for gaming and feminism towards her degree in Mass Communication and Music Industry. Focusing her senior thesis on women & video games, she studied both in-game content and the gaming population as a whole, and came to the startling realization that her love of gaming is more than just a hobby. 


Shanna loves being a part of DLC, and having an outlet to nonstop gab about games. She’s got a LOOOOOOOOONG gaming bucket list that’s she’s tackling a bit at a time, and is an EXTREME Final Fantasy / Kingdom Hearts fangirl! Kupo!!!!

Ronald Whited, panelist

Ronny is a geek of many stripes; with interests in anime, books, pro wrestling, and (most relevantly) video games. He started with Guardian Legend on the NES and hasn't looked back since. Join him on DLC for contrary opinions and RPGs.

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