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Character Battle 20: Mass Effect
Final Results

My 20th character battle contest has come to an end, and it was certainly a good one. Definitely some history making here, and in the end, Garrus remains the favorite. He's called Space Batman for a reason. Garrus defeated Commander Shepard 29-11. 

But now, the winners! Just a recap, the prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd are $75, $50, and $25, respectively, in a form the winners will choose (either as an Amazon gift card, Steam credit, PSN/Xbox/Nintendo eShop credit, a video game of their choosing worth up to that much, or simply cash).

Finishing in 3rd, with a record of 51-12 and 3100 points: John L.! Not a bad result at all for your first time in one of my contests! Congrats!


Coming in 2nd, another newcomer (I think--I don't know the actual name of this person), with a 57-6 record and 4375 points, InsaneGame48!

As for our champion...normally, a 57-6 record would be good enough to win a contest outright. In fact, of my 20 contests, this was the 10th of the 64-character variety. In these 10, only Ron has ever broken the 60-win mark. He accomplished that feat 9 years ago in CB13 on his way to a 62-2 record, nailing 96.875% of his picks and coming just 100 points shy of a perfect score. She is just the 2nd person to get to that 60-win mark. With her record of 61-2, getting an astounding 96.825% of her picks correctly, and a final score of 5125 (out of a possible 5400), she joins Luc as the only other person to accomplish the feat of being in 1st from start to finish. It took her six tries, but she finally gets her first win. Our winner of Character Battle 20: Nilfalasiel! Congratulations!

Thank you all so much to those who entered, those who voted, and those who put up with me spamming your feeds nightly for the past month. Will I do a 21st contest? No idea. I had the time this summer (thanks, COVID!), so I guess we'll see. I have no solid plans to, but if I wind up having to spend another summer confined to my apartment due to plague, locusts, or whatever hell 2021 may attempt to top 2020, then who knows?

Hope you all had fun, and once again, congratulations to the winners!

Final Standings

Day 32 Final.jpg
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